Safeth – 1st Ever Retail Coins

Safeth – 1st Ever Retail Coins

Revenends Cynthia Pustelak & Joseph Lathus have created Safeth, the “First Ever Retail Coin” of its kind.“Retail coins”are built on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT Hedera) and are utilized instead of traded or investment funded cryptocurrencies, which are in fact securities. What makes “Safeth Tokens” and “Safeth Cash” both retail tokens is because, these tokens are part of a philanthropic, charity based ecosystem with no room for greed nor speculation. Safeth Tokens & Safeth Cash are also not featured on any exchanges and are NEVER expected to be.This also contributes to their price stability. Instead, users are highly encouraged to seek out other avid users of the ecosystem and make the convert out of Safeth this way. Users can also quickly convert tokens into out/from Hbar (fees apply). Still, perhaps, the most intriguing aspect about both Safeth Tokens & Safeth Cash, is that there’s no hiding its “Retail Coin” status.This is because both loan/token rentals are, in fact, legal services in the real “brick and mortar world”. Consequently,when transferring such an applicable idea from “real world” into DLT, it’s extremely important to “carry over” as many of the more beneficial characteristics/qualities of traditional “brick & mortar” goods & services. Combining these with new, cutting edge, innovations that have been created and realized within DLT like SALP Technology,governance and staking is what has truly helped Safeth Ministries create the first ever “Defi Retail Coin” which fits the needs of those actively utilizing the Safeth Ecosystem (Safeth Tokens & Safeth Cash). It is especially important to mention that, since both Safeth Tokens & Safeth Cash are “Retail Tokens’’ they will feature their own respective UPC codes just as retail priced products do. Both Safeth Tokens & Safeth Cash also hold the Value of Hedera Hashgraph because these tokens are in fact “pegged” to Hedera DLT. These tokens also gain “price value/conversion value” when the price of Hedera increases.The price stability of “Safeth Cash” is meant to stay stable at approximately 3HBars per token,pegging its price to fluctuate with HBar.

What has Safeth Ministries Released?

Safeth Ministries has officially released its 0% interest Free,Collateralized Based,lending and dual staking platform built on Hedera. This extremely innovative ecosystem is different from other “defi” projects within the cryptocurrency industry for many reasons. Besides offering a very competitive interest rate of 0%, users of both tokens (Safeth Token & Safeth Cash) have the choice to stake their Safeth Tokens/Safeth Cash for passive reward accumulation in the form of Safeth Cash or users can effectively take a 0% interest collateralized based loan.Alternatively users can do both at the same time, thus creating what is known as a Payback Free loan.


For example, a user converts a $1000 in HBar to both Safeth Token & Safeth Cash, the user takes a loan for $500 worth of either token or a combination of both and stakes the other half ($500). Now this user gets both the $500 from the loan to spend while the other $500 is staking passive income over a long period of time,(months to several years!) this will pay off the loan debt for the user without a need or risk of collateral default. Users can do whatever they wish with their loans.The possibilities are endless. To review how-to use the Safeth platform including the staking process, loan obtainment, token loan repayment, and finally converting Safeth token to Hedera Hashgraph please watch No exchanges are needed ever for this process! Instead, if users are unsatisfied with the 2hbar convertion back to hedera they are encouraged to find token

Hedera Hashgraph please watch No exchanges are needed ever for this process! Instead, if users are unsatisfied with the 2hbar convertion back to hedera they are encouraged to find token renters themselves p2p at a price between 2hbars and 3hbars.

Safeth Ecosystem a Church Ministry This Endeavour is NOT INVESTOR FUNDED!

Safeth platform, along with the creation of its tokens, has NEVER utilized investor funding in both token nor dapp creation! This was donated by Safeth Ministries. The Safeth Ecosystem was not created for greed nor speculation but for philanthropic and charitable purposes. After tokens loans have been paid back fully with a users future/current staking rewards, tokens are promptly returned to either the user or the Safeth Ministries so they can be rented out to use for both loans and staking once again.

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