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SAFethmarket.com's mission is to provide the customer with consumer lending and shopping that is FULLY AUTOMATED and allows users to earn crypto with every action on the market and providing leveraged collateral based blockchain credit that using real-time rewards/miner fee's will automate the payback process on our signature "PAY BACK FREE" Privacy Loans. Using Safeth Platinum Tokens provide 2 types of rewards when "locked in" 1st fee is an added fee (4-20% SPT) to each block that will be processed when mined, 2nd will come from a small 1% fee during the sale of all goods and services. This will act as payment to provide PAYMENT FREE BLOCKCHAIN LENDING.

Meet Safeth

Joey Crypto Lathus - President, Founder & Creator
Cynthia Lathus - Co-Founder, VP, & CIO

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