February Meetup & Updates

It has been a very busy month for our team here at! Our first official meetup took place on February 5th, 2020 in Durango Colorado and was received well by the community locals. During the meetup, we presented in addition to Safeth Cash as well as Safex Platinum . We answered numerous questions from several curious attendees who were highly interested in learning more about our style of gamification marketplace,Safex Platinum’s Blockchain and Safeth’s “No Pay Back” lending. Overall, it was a success! We are looking forward to our next meetup! 🙂 please check our Instagram for MeetUp Photos.

We are also in the process of updating several facets of our marketplace. These changes include but are not limited to, plugging in Safeth Rewards Points, which will be earned for each item purchased on the marketplace. In addition, we are also in the process of adding/updating merchandise to the marketplace. Also, we have officially launched our Safeth Reward Points so users can now start earning Safeth Reward Points for simple tasks which include setting up their profiles, commenting on articles, reviewing products, adding friends, and more all located on your “My Account” Page at

Furthermore, Safeth is also in the process of adding some fundamental and comprehensive additions to our business plan framework specifically our financial business plan and business model which is in the making. Further updates will be posted as we progress.

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